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Love Never Dies Cast Recording


Love Never Dies Cast Recording


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LOVE NEVER DIES continues the story of The Phantom , who has moved from his lair in the Paris Opera House to haunt the fairgrounds of Coney Island, far across the Atlantic. Set ten years after the mysterious disappearance of The Phantom from Paris, this show is a rollercoaster ride of obsession and which music and memory can play cruel tricks...and The Phantom sets out to prove that, indeed, LOVE NEVER DIES .

From the Artist

"Love Never Dies" Question and Answer with Andrew Lloyd Webber

Tell us about the story of "Love Never Dies" I have to be careful about what I say about this story because it has so many twists and I don‟t want to give it away. But, what I can say is it‟s set in America 10 years roughly after the original "Phantom" and is set in Coney Island. Coney Island is a fantastic place - Sigmund Freud once described it as the "only reason to go to the United States.‟ It was beyond anything that anybody had ever seen - the great eighth wonder of the world and it was the place where all the freaks and oddities went and of course the "Phantom‟ could be absorbed in there. Now, our story finds him 10 years afterwards and he‟s gone to Coney Island. He‟s gone with Madame Gieru, his old friend, he‟s gone with Meg, her daughter, and he‟s now the big mogul of Coney and is now running the whole place and that‟s where our story starts.

Why did you decide to follow "The Phantom of the Opera" and why now? I‟ve often thought that we left the original "Phantom" with a little bit of a cliff hanger and I thought, well, why not to do a sequel to it at one point. It took a very long time coming. I mean quite frankly, I thought about it 15 years ago, perhaps a little bit more. At that time I‟d come up with the idea about the "Phantom‟ going to America and I talked about it with Freddy Forsyth, the novelist who obviously wrote things like "The Day of the Jackal‟ - a very very successful and fine writer. We talked about it and we came up with a plot which he subsequently published as a little book called "The Phantom of Manhattan‟ but it just simply didn‟t gel for me and I couldn‟t find a way through it and it was left alone. The only one thing that I took away from the book would be this time the "Phantom‟ would live above everything and he shouldn‟t live below like he did underneath the opera house. So, I abandoned it frankly and I forgot about it. But, about three years ago I thought about it and came back and I thought "you know, there is the germ of an idea here‟ and I worked on it again with a couple of writers and again it didn‟t happen. But, I then worked with Ben Elton on a project and Ben who is a very very clever story teller said "you know what - this whole thing is really all cuckoo - you‟ve got a fantastic basis this idea of him going to America, the idea of him perhaps going to Coney Island, it‟s wonderful but you‟re not developing all of the original characters, you‟re not taking them with you, you‟re putting in new characters and I‟m going to do a plot which comes up with the original characters transported.‟ So, we have all of the five: "Raoul‟ and "Christine‟, "Meg‟, "Madam Giry‟ and "The Phantom.‟ They all appear in our piece and there‟s only one new character who‟s a 10-year old child of Christine and Raoul‟s called Gustave and that‟s what we came up with. Now, I‟m not going to give the story away but Ben unlocked it. I‟m very story driven and anybody who writes for musical theatre has to be very story driven and I couldn‟t write it when the story wasn‟t right. But the moment I had this outline, which was about just over 18 months ago, I was away and so the first thought was "who‟d be a really great lyricist for this?‟ Everyone had been telling me about Glenn Slater, who wrote the notes for the "Little Mermaid" and who‟s written "Sister Act" now, and we clicked immediately so we got started.

Tell us about the two leads you have cast Our lead is the present "Phantom‟ in London who‟s been playing it for a long time and has been a really popular and very sexy "Phantom,‟ I have to say, called Ramin Karimloo and he‟s just great. We‟ve just finished the recording of the complete album and it‟s all done now, unusually for a show. Our other principal, Sierra Boggess, who played the "Little Mermaid‟ in New York, I‟ve known for a while. She also played Christine as a young girl - well, she‟s very young now - but she was only 21 when she played "Christine‟ in Vegas for me in the Las Vegas version of "Phantom." She‟s a terrific actress and having just now recorded the whole thing and finished it I know they are an incredible fit. The passion that there is between the two of them, it‟s almost unbearable at sometimes -- it‟s so strong.

How will "Love Never Dies" roll out internationally? Originally we thought that we‟d roll out "Love Never Dies" internationally very quickly and in fact we thought about doing three production at the same time. We drew back from that because I wasn‟t absolutely certain that we could cast it sufficiently well immediately like that. I thought that we must get the initial cast completely right which is why we‟ve got this unique thing of an album already recorded which contains our original cast and I don‟t think that‟s ever been done before. We are going to open in London in March, then in New York in November. All the plans now are pretty advanced for certainly the Far East, Canada is way on slate already and we hope that it will roll out around the world rather quicker than usual. But, it all depends on the cast.

Are you more excited or nervous about how "Love Never Dies" will be received? Well, of course I‟m nervous - I‟m following up my own biggest success and there‟s no question about it. I mean "The Phantom of the Opera," really, is the biggest thing I‟ve ever done - even bigger than "Cats‟ which in itself I never thought we‟d top it. This is a piece I‟m very proud of I have to say. I think it‟s maybe more three-dimensional in terms of the characterization than the original piece was which really is a version of "Beauty and the Beast" with a bit of a twist. But, this one really does develop the characters in a way that I didn‟t have the opportunity to do in the old one and therefore it was a very exciting thing for me to write musically. So, yes, of course I‟m nervous about it but I‟m very proud of it and I‟m very, very much looking forward to seeing it on stage.

When you look at the phenomenon that is "The Phantom of the Opera" did you ever have any idea that it would be so successful? Well, I must say when I wrote "Cats" and "Cats" became the longest running musical on Broadway I thought I‟ll never ever succeed in getting near this one and then nobody thought "Phantom" was going to be quite what it was. I remember when it opened in London it wasn‟t the favourite of the season in the sense that it was "Chess" the musical that everyone thought would be the absolute huge one that year. We came in as the sort of slight underdog and it just took off. I mean, I remember the first preview we knew we had something which was special but we didn‟t know that we had anything that would quite do this. We didn‟t know that we were going to have people changing their name to Christen Daae by deed poll and the whole thing that went with it. I mean it was way before the internet of course and you begin to wonder when we had these fan clubs that grew up all over the world. Every single performance at one point they reviewed you begin to wonder what on Earth would have happened if the Net had been around. Anyway, yes it‟s a very tough act to follow and nobody ever thinks that the work they‟re going to do could ever be bigger than the one they do before, especially if you‟re lucky enough like I had to have such a huge thing as "Phantom" was.

What are your plans for the release of the album? Although the album is completely finished and recorded, we‟re going to issue a couple of songs from it before the show opens but I want to keep the album until the show is finally on and we know exactly what it is. But, it will be out and available I think within days of the opening which is somewhat unusual I know, but it‟s all there, all done and we‟re keeping it under wraps at the moment.

Would you like to tell us about the international creative team you have brought together for "Love Never Dies"? Well, as I said the story was unlocked by Ben Elton who did a wonderful synopsis which is the reason I‟m sitting here. Glenn Slater is my lyricist who I suppose is of the new young lyricists coming along, I mean, the most exciting I think. In fact, we‟re going to be working together again on the "Wizard of Oz‟ but that‟s another story. Our director is Jack O‟Brien, who of course is one of sort of America‟s legendary Broadway names. I was incredibly impressed by the fact that he managed to come up with "Hairspray," came up with his version of "Il trittico" by Puccini at the Metropolitan Opera House which is one of the most difficult operatic evenings to stage and Tom Stoppard‟s "The Coast of Utopia." In fact, it was through a friend of Tom Stoppard‟s that I came to him because Tom was so pleased with what he did. He‟s been fantastic joy, great fun and has been a rock in pulling it all together. We have Bob Crowley designing who is probably, I suppose, our foremost designer at the moment. One of the sadnesses about whole thing is that Maria Bjornson, who designed the original "Phantom," died very strangely and mysteriously very young only a few years ago. Of course, I did talk about the idea of the new "Phantom" with Maria but Bob was a very, very close friend of Maria‟s and in fact was a little of a mentor to her and I think, that in a way, we all feel the production is dedicated to her.

Love Never Dies Cast Recording

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There are many ways to do this, from holistic and natural healing retreats to health spa hotels using the latest in modern spa medicine and medical wellness. Or are you perhaps just looking for a sunny break in a lovely beach hotel and some exercise? Well of course this can also be a Healthy Holiday, and yes - we also have this.

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Ayurveda & Yoga Holidays

The age-old traditions of Ayurveda & Yoga have proven time and time again that holistic, natural approaches to health and wellness can have a positive effect on all areas of life, whether you are stressed and need to unwind or are trying to find a natural remedy for a condition or ailment. Our rejuvenation offers as well as the famous Panchakarma treatments are expertly overseen by experienced Ayurveda doctors and therapists at our accredited resorts. Travel to the exotic worlds of India and Sri Lanka, where Ayurveda and yoga are practiced daily, and discover the revitalising secrets to balancing the body, mind and soul combined into a single health retreat holiday.

Wellness & Relaxation Offers

Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway, a girls’ weekend, or simply need some time for yourself, our hotels cater to all of the classic wellness and relaxation treatments we know and love. Pamper yourself with massages, beauty treatments, as well as fango, mud or thermal therapies, or just take the time to unwind in the sauna, steam bath, pool, or Jacuzzi. The offers are almost endless. Our wellness hotels have great spa facilities, allowing you to find the perfect well-being holiday you need to recharge. Sometimes a short break is all you need to feel energised again!

Detox & Fasting Programmes

The conveniences and pleasures of our modern, fast-paced lifestyle also often means we neglect our healthy habits, starting with what we put into our bodies. As a result, detox and fasting retreats have become increasingly popular, helping you hit the reset button and get back on track to a healthier, happier lifestyle. In recent years, juice fasts as well as the Buchinger method have become increasingly popular as a means to detox the body or even to get a handle on some health conditions that may have otherwise proven difficult to treat. The trend is most popular in Europe, particularly countries like Germany, where fasting and detox have a long tradition in staying healthy.

Weight Loss & Vitality Retreats

Other aspects that are affected by our unhealthy lifestyle are our weight and fitness levels. Our bad eating habits, office jobs and overall sedentary lifestyle contribute to unhealthy weight and low vitality, ultimately impacting our productivity and happiness. Try kick-starting the new you with our one of our tailor-made programmes, offering healthy cuisine, exercise, and even life coaching in a beautiful setting. Make the uncomfortable weight loss process a lot more enjoyable, with the fantastic fitness programmes that we offer with sports like Pilates, yoga, and more, all while at the beach or combining it with your summer holidays at a luxurious resort. 

Healing Holidays & Therapies

Often times we equate health with modern medicine, however, there are many natural therapies that can help heal the body. These have been tried and tested over decades, if not centuries. Many of our spa towns have healing therapies based on long-standing traditions, such as fango, mineral water, thermal therapy, hydrotherapy, climate therapy, and more. They have harnessed the natural healing powers of resources around them to offer lasting relief to so many conditions and ailments.

Special Programmes for Specific Health Conditions

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Do you have a specific health condition or ailment you would like to treat, but you don’t know which therapy is right for you? Maybe you’ve only recently discovered what is affecting your health or would like to prevent something before it starts. We’ve compiled some information as well as treatment options for various health conditions in order to get you started. Our resorts offer relief and assistance with numerous illnesses and are capable of helping you with varying degrees of severity. We regularly receive and deal with requests for psoriasis, vitiligo, diabetes, burnout, rheumatism, and arthritis, to name a few. 

  • Find our complete list on our Health Conditions overview page. 

Our Healthy Holiday Destinations

We pride ourselves on being able to offer healthy holidays in over 40 countries around the globe. The majority of our special health and wellness hotels are located in Europe. We offer all of the most popular destinations known for their various therapies and resources. Discover secret gems in the spa towns of Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Italy and more. Or venture to the more insider destinations like Slovenia, Slovakia, and Greece.

Of course, our expertise reaches beyond Europe. We have numerous hotels and resorts in Asia, all specialised in techniques and retreats that are native to the specific region. Whether you’re going for the most authentic Ayurveda experience in India and Sri Lanka or delving into the exotic landscapes and relaxing treatments of Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal, or the Maldives, Asia offers a great variety of programmes and breath-taking settings for your next getaway.

Asia and Europe are not the only destinations that have developed the benefits and trends of health and wellness holidays. Africa and the Americas are emerging as new health and wellness pros, with new hotels and resorts budding every day. They, too, are harnessing the natural healing powers of the climates and healing remedies around them to offer new and contemporary wellness programmes. The list of reputable and sought after wellness retreats in these regions is growing and you are sure to find some of the latest and greatest destinations right here at SpaDreams.

Simple Online Booking Process

At SpaDreams, we believe that booking should be almost as simple and relaxing as the holiday itself. We’ve optimised our online reservation system to guide you through the process. Once you’ve selected your hotel and personalised your stay, you can make a direct online booking. If you’d like a little more time to plan your healthy holiday but would like to pre-reserve your stay, take advantage of our 72-hour option period. This will hold the room for you while you check for flights or surprise your partner. If we don’t have direct availability online, send our experts an availability request and they will help you further by checking the availability of your healthy holiday and sending you a personalised offer via email.

Booking Tip: Don’t forget to let our experts know when you book, if you would like transfers to be arranged or have special requirements, like wheelchairs or dietary restrictions, that should to be taken into consideration. We will gladly arrange everything, but we need a bit of time and notice to plan it especially for you!

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