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Right Turn Left Almanac DVD Blu-Ray Videos 2 At the price of surprise Clearance SALE Limited time Combo.

Right Turn Left Turn Almanac *DVD/Blu-Ray Combo. 2 Videos*


Right Turn Left Turn Almanac *DVD/Blu-Ray Combo. 2 Videos*


Editorial Reviews

Think Thank decided year 11 was a good year to start afresh. So we decided to produce 2 videos that we are happy to bring you on 1 disk! Hope you enjoy the NEW Think Thank Almanac 2014 and Think Thank Special Projects presents Right Turn Left Turn. "THINK THANK ALMANAC" : The planets have aligned, the high yield crops chosen, the charts consulted and our predictions for the future of snowboarding are forth coming and sure to be astute! Spins, slides, styles, fabrics, monsoons, slashes, nourishment, flips, pant size, barley refreshment, galaxies, pies, danger, friendship, manners, drought and the body's humors will all be astrologically predicted to within a mouse's whisker of pure certainty. Welcome to the Think Thank Almanac 2014, the original snowboarder's almanac, "Useful with a pleasant degree of hammers." Rider List: Brandon Hammid, Ted Borland, Desiree Melancon, Brandon Reis, Sam Hulbert, Parker Duke, Mitch Richmond, Nial Romanek, Justin Keniston and The Big Mess "RIGHT TURN LEFT TURN" : "Right Turn Left Turn" looks at the season of five snowboarders exploring the art of turning and everywhere it leads them. From a beginner’s side-slide to the perfect high speed carve, Think Thank Special Projects aims to show how the simple act of turning your board can unlock an entire universe of snowboard self expression. Chris Beresford, Max Warbington, Chris Larson, Jesse Burtner and Fredrik Perry explore the world using their snowboards both to interpret what they see and to leave their own unique signature behind. Whether it be carving groomers, slashing powder, getting weird in the city or lapping the local park, it all starts with a Right Turn Left Turn.

Right Turn Left Turn Almanac *DVD/Blu-Ray Combo. 2 Videos*

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