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Editorial Reviews

Staffel 1:
Disc 1:
01 Am Ende der Zeit - Teil 1
02 Am Ende der Zeit - Teil 2
03 S.A.R.A.H.
04 Sommernachtstraum

Disc 2:
05 Angriff der Ausserirdischen
06 Unbesiegbar
07 Dr. Nobel
08 Auf Speed
09 Der Weihnachtsvirus

Disc 3:
10 Urinstinkt
11 Pollenflug
12 Hausordnung
13 Einmal im Leben

Staffel 2:
Disc 4:
01 Die brennenden Wissenschaftler
02 Gefangen im Kraftfeld
03 Stürmische Zeiten
04 Das verrückte Licht

Disc 5:
05 Achtung Meteoriten
06 Ansteckende Träume
07 Familientreffen
08 Voll blöd

Disc 6:
09 Der unsichtbare Erste
10 Das Tor zur Ewigkeit
11 Unwiderstehlich

Disc 7:
12 Der Fluch der Alchimisten
13 Eine Nacht bei Global Dynamics

Staffel 3:
Disc 8:
01 Martha, sei nicht zickig
02 Re-Evolution
03 Braver Hund!
04 Die Zeitschleife

Disc 9:
05 Fargo und Königin Nyota
06 Captain Eureka
07 Sonnige Zeiten
08 In Ewigkeit Angst

Disc 10:
09 Willkommen zurück, Carter
10 Dein Gesicht oder meins?
11 Die fünfte Dimension
12 Es ist nicht leicht, grün zu sein

Disc 11:
13 Wenn ihr gebaut habt, kommen sie
14 Ein Schiff kommt selten allein
15 Wasser marsch!
16 Wer ist Jack?

Disc 12:
17 Eiszeit in Eureka
18 Nemesis

Staffel 4:
Disc 13:
01 Gründertag
02 Der große, rote Elf
03 Lyncht Fargo
04 Die Knallgasreaktion

Disc 14:
05 Der menschliche Magnet
06 Glamour Camping
07 Hausbau mit Hindernissen
08 Akte Ex

Disc 15:
09 Wir sehen uns wieder
10 Stille Stadt, heilige Stadt
11 Abgehoben
12 Reprise

Disc 16:
13 Ein Blick in die Zukunft
14 Guten Flug!
15 Omega Girls
16 Milben und Kraniche

Disc 17:
17 Todesnebel
18 Damals im Space Camp
19 Ein kleiner Schritt
20 Ein Riesenschritt

Staffel 5:
Disc 18:
01Schneeflöckchen, Weißröckchen
02 Die Zeitverschiebung
03 Die Wahrheit

Disc 19:
04 Erzwungener Abbruch
05 Feuer auf Abwegen
06 Körpertausch

Disc 20:
07 Worst Case Scenario
08 Ex-Machina
09 Der Feynman-Tag

Disc 21:
10 Smarter Carter
11 Flitterwochen
12 Spieglein, Spieglein an der Wand

Disc 22:
13 Doppelgänger
14 Ein ganz normaler Tag

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Wednesday, 29.09.2021

Analysing Celta Vigo under Eduardo Coudet

On November 12th, 2020, following a start to the season with just one win out of their first nine, Celta Vigo fired Óscar García and replaced him with 46 year old Eduardo Coudet. In the two months following his appointment, Celta strung together an incredible run of results while implementing a style of play that captivated many fans.

Penalties and the magician: How Spain came close to reaching the final

A magician not pulling a trick in-front of thousands of spectators doesn’t mean the failure of the magic trick. Behind any magic trick, hours and hours of creativity are followed by more hours of practice. Alone in his room, a magician might perform the trick seamlessly without any interruptions but circumstances on the day of the show can result in the trick not coming off as intended.

Eduardo Camavinga – Scouting Report

Eduardo Camavinga is one of the hottest teenage prospects in European football. Being pursued by Manchester United and linked with Paris Saint-Germain, among other European powerhouses, indicates that the midfielder will not stay at Stade Rennais much longer because there are options for him and he is willing to make the next step. But what are his specialities and contributions?

The vein in Spain: A different approach from Spain in possession

There’s more than one way to the heart. Different approaches work with different people. Scientifically speaking, there is more than one way to the heart. Veins, which are blood vessels that carry blood towards the heart, fill our human body. Their amount? Numerous. All of them lead to heart. Football is the same. Different approaches work against different teams.

How Guardiola & 3-2-2-3 (ultimately) solved the defending meta

Guardiola’s image in the football world is complex to describe. While polarizing, everyone seems at least to agree that he is an unique innovator. Funnily enough, he is polarizing exactly because of this mutual agreement of critics and fans. The public discourse about his Barcelona team mainly revolved about the positional style of play and – even contrasted with Aragones’ successful EURO campaign with the Spanish national team – was highly focused on his idea of playing football and how it differed from most teams. Building up from the back with passes on the ground and involvement of the goalkeeper even under pressure, overload in the center while maintaining high width and depth, or even their extreme pressure with an extraordinarily high line to enable early regain of possession have conquered football back then (with two Champions League titles in four heavily favored campaigns) and since taken over the ideas of others teams more and more – some of them, Guardiola had started already in his first year as head coach back at Barcelona B.

FCN win derby battle

Lyngby BK and FC Nordsjælland clashed on Friday evening for an important derby. Both teams have underperformed this season; with only two games of the Superliga’s preliminary phase remaining, Lyngby sat second bottom in the table, with Nordsjælland only one position higher. A win would take Nordsjælland into the top half, and, crucially, out of the relegation fight.