Joyroad Adventure Japan's largest assortment A T All-Terrain Ti Light Radial Truck Off-Road Truck,Radial,Adventure,All-Terrain,A/T,Automotive , Tires Wheels , Tires,/autoproteolysis512683.html,,Off-Road,$142,Ti,Light,Joyroad $142 Joyroad Adventure A/T All-Terrain Off-Road Light Truck Radial Ti Automotive Tires Wheels Tires Joyroad Adventure Japan's largest assortment A T All-Terrain Ti Light Radial Truck Off-Road $142 Joyroad Adventure A/T All-Terrain Off-Road Light Truck Radial Ti Automotive Tires Wheels Tires Truck,Radial,Adventure,All-Terrain,A/T,Automotive , Tires Wheels , Tires,/autoproteolysis512683.html,,Off-Road,$142,Ti,Light,Joyroad

Joyroad Adventure Japan's largest assortment A T All-Terrain Ti Light Radial Truck Off-Road Arlington Mall

Joyroad Adventure A/T All-Terrain Off-Road Light Truck Radial Ti


Joyroad Adventure A/T All-Terrain Off-Road Light Truck Radial Ti


Product description

Joyroad Adventure A/T

The Joyroad Adventure A/T is an all terrain, all season tire manufactured for SUVs and light trucks. The aggressive tread design upgrades the on- and off-road performing traction, while it also keeps the footprint clean and avoids stone retention. The better surface contact of the tread enhances the controllability. The detailed tread elements increase the maneuvering and braking ability. The model also promotes excellent year round traction and surface grip. The Adventure A/T increases the load and driving durability by maintaining the ideal tire shape.


All Terrain Tire – The large, staggered blocks of the tread enhance the soft, loose and uneven terrain performance with the optimal grip.All Season Tire – The all season compound and the detailed tread design boost the dry, wet and winter weather surface traction and driving safety.Handling – The optimal tread’s surface contact enhances the steering responsiveness and the driving stability with the better surface contact.Self-cleaning Tread – The staggered blocks and wide grooves keep a clean footprint and prevent the stone retention from harming the tire.Durability – The stronger construction maintains the ideal tire shape under the load and driving pressure affecting the model at all times.Maneuvering – The tire’s optimal block placement enhances the braking capability and the cornering ability with extra biting edges.

Joyroad Adventure A/T All-Terrain Off-Road Light Truck Radial Ti

Snapped Ankles - Roundhouse supports announced
Published 10 September, 2021 by DM

Snappoween just got spookier with the addition of Stealing Sheep and Mermaid Chunky to the bill. Bring your dancing shoes, your livestock and your marine friends to Camden’s famous Roundhouse on October 30th, as the woodwose play their biggest headline show to date. Expect light and magic as Snapped Ankles evoke the nightmarish Forest Of Your Problems. Come dressed as your favourite ecological disaster. It’ll be more fun than you can shake a log at.

Get your tickets here. | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Live Dates |
Bandcamp | Spotify | Apple Music

Bandcamp Friday - in support of Refugee Action & British Refugee Council
Published 03 September, 2021 by TM

As you may be aware, today is Bandcamp Friday, when the good people of Bandcamp waive their fees for 24 hours in support of artists and labels. I’m sure you’re also very much aware of the awful situation that has developed in Afghanistan in recent weeks, and the difficulties that many Afghans are facing in their own country and as refugees. We have decided to donate ALL label proceeds for physical and digital sales from Bandcamp today to the British Refugee Council and Laptop Stand, MISOTT Ergonomic Adjustable Laptop Stand, 2 in 1 C, to offer a welcome to those that have been able to get into the UK, and to help those that are still trying.

Personally, I’ve been angered by the messaging coming from the UK government on the subject of refugees (notably the incoming Nationality and Borders Bill which will criminalise those who seek to help refugees and asylum seekers entering the UK). I feel strongly that this country should be - and be seen to be - welcoming to people in dire need of our help, and even more so when it's as a direct result of our foreign policy. Both of these organisations directly support refugees, and campaign for their rights.

Many of our artists have also agreed to donate their share of proceeds to these charities today. Please support if you're able to.

As an additional incentive, we are offering a 10% discount across almost all of the Leaf catalogue for the day. Use the code bf10 at checkout.

Tony Morley

Snapped Ankles - Corsica Studios live stream
Published 16 July, 2021 by DM

The woodwose just missed out on their Top Of The Pops moment, with Forest Of Your Problems hitting number 41 in the album charts. Not to be sniffed at considering it was the third highest new entry and indeed number 2 in the Indie Chart and number 5 in the Physical Chart. It’s number 1 in our hearts and also the highest charting Leaf release ever. Many thanks to everyone who supported Snapped Ankles’ chart quest.

If you have plans on Tuesday, you will need to rearrange. There’s a live stream of the woodwose’s tiny Corsica Studios gig from last month at 8pm. It was the very first time that songs from Forest Of Your Problems have been played live. Get your tickets here.

If all this has whet your appetite for live Snapps, it’s probably time to book your tickets for their autumn shows including The Roundhouse in Camden on October 30th. It’s going to be a bit special. | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Live Dates |
Bandcamp | Spotify | Apple Music

Snapped Ankles - Forest Of Your Problems out now
Published 02 July, 2021 by DM

The wait is over. The Forest Of Your Problems is open for business. Open for investment. Open to progress. Open for recycling. Wide open to protest. It's all things to all woodwose. Choose your own adventure...

Snapped Ankles’ new album runs the gamut of modern woodwose emotions. In this neat human approximation of the forest, it’s an increasingly knotted affair. Despite all of this, they haven’t lost their innate ability to make you want to move your feet - their Teutonic forest rhythms are still shot through with post-punk lightning.

Forest Of Your Problems is released digitally worldwide and in UK & European record shops today. It will be out everywhere else on August 20th.

It is available on CD and digital, and in four different vinyl editions, including printed inner sleeves, a character postcard and download code. Details of all the formats are here. It's been selected as the Rough Trade Album Of The Month, with The Cornucopian Edition exclusive to Rough Trade Shops, pressed on transparent blue vinyl with a black splatter and includes a bonus Parasite Sessions CD containing full-length mixes of album tracks.

Snapped Ankles will be taking Twitter on a guided walk through the Forest Of Your Problems at 6pm BST on Monday (June 5) for #TimsTwitterListeningParty. Hit play at 6pm on the dot and follow the band and the hashtag.

You can grill the woodwose for Indieheads AMA on Reddit at 5pm on Tuesday (June 6). | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Live Dates |
Bandcamp | Spotify | Apple Music



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