Alps N960 Chinese Tablet battery upgrade

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Out of curiosity i bought a Chinese no name tablet from ebay. It was only €50 and it had pretty good specs for it price. I didn’t know what to espect but i took the gamble. And it was a good tablet. The tablet works like a charm. Especially when compared to my old Google Nexus 7 tablet which was a nightmare.

It has a nice bright and sharp 10″ screen with a very good viewing angle. Camera is not that good. But ok, i am not using that really. The tablet has a 3G modem. Which i use so i inserted a SIM card.

Ok what are the drawbacks:

  • Screen is not glass but a very hard plastic. It scratches easier,
  • Battery life………barely one day and it is empty,
  • Don’t buy it for the sound quality, it sounds like crap 😉

Now the scope of this post. Upgrading the battery! I took the tablet apart and i found a very small battery inside a big case. So there are some possibilities for upgrading to a bigger battery. After some searching on ebay and ali i found a battery that will fit the case of the tablet.

The tablet. The Alps N960
Inside the tablet. Note the small battery, stereo speakers, and 2 SIM slots.
Mainboard of the tablet with MediaTek octacore SoC
The new Li-ion batery i found on ebay. 5000mAh
The battery is very thin. Less than 3 mm!!!
Old vs New battery. Note the size difference
Done!!!! The new battery in place!

There is now a big improvement in battery life! More then 1 day with intensive use. No problem. So think this modification was worth the effort. The new battery was only €12. Which brings the tablet total price on €62. Great deal!

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