Opel EGR Valve Simulator box by TAFMET

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The EGR valve on many car’s may cause a lot of troubles. They get stuck which causes hard starting and poor running of the engine. The EGR valve is nothing more then a valve which regulates the amount of exhaust gasses are directed back into the engines intake for less exhaust emissions. When the valve get’s stuck the amount is not regulated anymore and the mixture of fuel and air is not what is supposed to be. This results in performance loss or in some cases a engine that won’t start anymore or just won’t stay running.

Disconnecting the electrical connector from the EGR valve to disable it will give you a burning error light on the dashboard. So not an option. What you can do at some engines is mounting a gasket under the EGR valve without any holes so the valve is working but there are no gasses coming through. But this isn’t always possible at any engine or the EGR valve can be broken inside which give you also a burning engine light.

The company TAFMET from Poland has developed a EGR Valve simulator. A little micro-controller and a EGR delete plate that replaces the original EGR valve.

What this little micro-controller does is simulating a working EGR Valve with a working feedback position signal to the computer.

The car on the pictures is an 1998 Opel Astra-G with a X16SZR engine. The micro-controller also works on many other Opel engines like the Ecotec’s.

The original EGR-Valve:


Mounting the delete plate:

Soldering on the EGR simulator to the EGR valve connector:

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