Power Tailgate conversion

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An old car. There is allways something wrong with it. That is also the case with my Blazer. No major problems, but small problems that do cause annoyance. This way I will tackle everything step by step. Starting with the tailgate window. This was original a manual tailgate window.  It had a knob/handle on the outside with a lock. The lock was broken, and the knob/handle was worn out and did not raise the window high enough so rain could leak into the car.

An option for the Blazer is an electric tailgate window.  You could operate this with a switch on the dashboard or with a key on the back of the tailgate. So actually a nice upgrade and that is axacty what i am doing here! After some rewiring and soldering everything is working great now.

The worn out handle and lock:

Found a good used tailgate motor:

The control switch on the dashboard:


Some relays to control the tailgate motor:


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